Tips for Choosing the Perfect Powered Caravan Site for Your Holiday

Posted on: 29 November 2016

The idea of 'the perfect holiday' differs greatly between holidaymakers: For some, an action-packed adventure is the perfect holiday, whereas others prefer a retreat of relaxation. No matter what your preferred holiday consists of, the wide range of powered caravan sites situated across the country means that you are bound to be able to find one to meet your requirements. There are several factors to bear in mind to help you find the right site for your holiday.


Budget is often the primary concern for someone looking to travel. When looking for the perfect caravan site for your trip, but still looking for somewhere to suit your budget, it is worth looking for sites off the beaten track, as well as taking a look at independent caravan sites, rather than sticking to those in popular resorts or associated with more prominent chains; luckily, the internet has made this far easier than it used to be!


Location is a key requirement when looking for the perfect site for a holiday. Proximity to a starting location, and how far they are willing to travel, are often the starting point for potential holidaymakers, but it is also worth considering the type of location the caravan site is situated in: Is it by the coast or further in-land? Is the site situated in a totally rural setting or is there a city close by? Choosing the right site location could make or break your visit, so choose carefully!


The facilities available at caravan sites can vary massively between sites. Some of the most crucial differences in the facilities at various sites are toilet and bathroom facilities and washing up stations. Although these are all simple things, if a holidaymaker arrives at a site expecting these facilities, only to find that is not the case, it can have a profound impact on their enjoyment of the visit. If these facilities are important factors for your trip, it is prudent to double check, rather than assume, that they are available at your chosen destination.


The activities available both on and off-site at a caravan site are worth noting before making your booking. If you find the ideal site, but it lacks the activities you were looking for, doing some research about the local area might uncover that they are easily available off-site, making it worthwhile to not immediately write off a site because it doesn't have exactly what you are looking for.