Simple Guidelines for Saving on Motel Accommodation Expenses

Posted on: 30 January 2017

The cost of accommodation is relatively high, particularly for prolonged trips. This can be a limiting factor for anyone who loves travelling for leisure. Therefore, it is important to understand your options for accommodation in different areas. In general, one of the best living arrangements for individuals is motel accommodations. These establishments are usually low-rise commercial buildings, and they are located near highways as opposed to hotels which are primarily built in urban centres. On the other hand, if you have a stringent budget, you might want to further cut your savings for your motel accommodation. Consider these simple saving guidelines for a low-cost vacation or trip.

Plan for Midweek Stays

The accommodation sector is in constant flux, so the potential expenses for a motel room will not be consistent throughout the year. In simple terms, the price for the pertinent services will fluctuate with the demand from guests. Therefore, if you can create a flexible travelling schedule, you can make significant cuts to your expenses. For instance, motels are in high demand over the weekend, especially in areas close to large cities. Therefore, you should plan your trip for the midweek when the charges are significantly lower in the establishments.

Stay in New or Chain Motels

There are numerous motels in every region, but people often choose the closest or most popular accommodations. This can be detrimental to your budget and you could end up paying more than necessary. Therefore, do not hesitate to explore your options before booking your room. If you can find a new motel in the area, you will probably get a good deal for your stay. This is because the accommodation spot will give introductory offers to the guests to increase their popularity in the market. Additionally, you should consider staying in chain motels if you are a frequent traveller. These related businesses often offer loyalty reward programs to repeat customers, so you could reap some economic benefits.

Negotiate Your Stay

You can lose a lot of cost-cutting opportunities by booking a motel room without making any inquiries. Simply speaking, you should never assume the terms of the establishment before negotiating. You should always inquire about all the available rooms and their difference in cost. Your pre-selected package might not be the best deal in the market. If there are services included in the price such as meals or tours, you should find out whether you can forgo these for a better price. Additionally, negotiate other aspects, including upgrades and children fees.